Work even more efficiently in the summer with the exchangeable roller system

Silage is very labor-intensive and there is a great risk that oxygen will get underneath the silage plastic, causing the quality of the roughage to deteriorate and mold or heating to develop. In the end, the cows no longer get all the necessary nutrients that they need, which reduces the milk production and health of the cow.

With the Kornet silage system many problems can be prevented and it also works much more efficiently.

To make it even easier for you, we now offer a replaceable roll with the cover system that can also be exchanged during silting in the summer. This keeps your investment at a minimum with a higher return.

Instead of a second covering system, you can leave the removable roll on your trench silo wall during the summer, including the cover filled with water in the water trunks.

During silage, disconnect the roll on top of the silage bunker and drive with the frame of the cover machine to roll number 2, where the next cover is on. This role is easy to connect from your shovel or telehandler. Then you cover the grass silage with it in the trench silo where you are making lasagne silage.

Intermittent silage with the kcs roll-up system

The KCS cover offers you a huge amount of benefits when intermediate ensilage in the meantime. Both opening and properly covering the hump is much faster than with traditional silage. No more hassle with plastic, tires and sand trunks. The drag with this is over.

With the KCS system you also have the guarantee that the hump is optimally sealed every time, during interim silage. This way, almost no water or air enters your roughage.

As a result, a constant quality of the roughage is better guaranteed.

Options and possibilities Kornet roll-up system

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Interchangeable role


Trench silo cover system with exchangeable roller


Cover with the water in the water pouches can remain


The removable roll can remain on the trench silo wall

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