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With the Kornet silage system many problems can be prevented and it also works much more efficiently.

The easy to operate Kornet silage roll-up system

The Kornet Silage Cover (Kornet Cover Solutions) type KCSF is designed to place the cover over slot silos quickly and easily.

The roll-up system consists of a frame with a hydraulically driven roller which makes it easy to roll the cover up and down. The roller can be operated with the available hydraulics of your tractor or loader.

The entire machine has a weather-resistant coating. Individual parts are hot dip galvanized.
The Kornet slot silo cover type KCSF complies with the European Machine Directive and is supplied with a 2B declaration.

Interim ensilage with the KCS roll-up system

The KCS cover offers you a huge advantage in interim ensilage. Both opening and covering the roughage is much faster than with traditional silage. You do not have to open the slot silo hours in advance and then cover it with layers of plastic, straps and sand hoses. No need to drag it along anymore.

With the KCS system you have the guarantee that the hump is optimally sealed every time, even in the case of interim silage. This way, almost no water or air enters your roughage. As a result, a constant quality of the roughage is better guaranteed. The temperature remains lower and the conversion of the sugars is much better.

Options and possibilities Kornet roll-up system

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Cover quickly and easily with the cover over the silage silo


Both opening and properly covering the hump is much faster than with traditional silage.


Available for silage bunkers up to 150 meters long and 20 meters wide.

KCSM – Mobile slot silo roll-up system

The Kornet silage cover type KCSM is designed to quickly and easily place the KCS cover over the silage.

The machine consists of a controllable trailer with dolly and a hydraulically driven roller with a brake function that makes it easy to roll up and unroll the slot silo cover.

The operation of the machine works via the available hydraulics of your tractor or loader. A hose connection provides an easy connection to the tractor hydraulics.

The Kornet Mobile Cover System is available for slot silos up to a maximum of 150 metres long and 14 metres wide


Silage is very labour-intensive and there is a high risk that oxygen will get under the silage plastic, causing the quality of the roughage to deteriorate and mould or heating may occur. In the end, the cows no longer get all the nutrients they need, which reduces the milk production and health of the cow.

With the Kornet silage system many problems can be avoided, and it also works much more efficiently. In the animation we show the solution-oriented techniques and materials of the Kornet silage system, which will eventually make your roughage optimal and increase the cow’s milk production.

To make it even easier for you, we now offer an interchangeable roller with the cover system that can also be changed during the excavation in summer. This keeps your investment at a minimum and provides a higher return.

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